Applications by Tomoo-Tezuka

notePad is a simple and small notepad, and supports the iCloud. If you were using version 1.6.5. You can use same data continues by using "Data converter 2". Download from the support page. Free. There is no instructions troublesome. Data converter

The Calm can be smaller or silence the start-up sound volume of your Mac. In addition, you can restore sound volume after startup, you can also set the volume of your choice. You can start your mac silently. You can start your job calmly. We ha

Calm Lite is a limited edition of the Calm. Your mac will be startup at minimum sound (Is not muted). Then sound volume will set 50%. If you want to fine-tune each sound volume, please purchase the Calm. If OS X 10.7, the feature of the Calm is ena

Previous name of this app is "覚書". However, this app is not understanding in English-speaking countries. So I was changed the application name to "Jotter". Jotter is a simple notepad. Jotter can take note easily. "覚書" can

This app might be useful to the health and fitness of your mouth and tongue.