Applications by Tobias-Werner

iformula pro X is an intuitive higher mathematic formula equations library, with all math topics you need to do your math work. It is full searchable, well illustrated and helps you to learn new math equations or to remember equations fast and effect

The Navaja Secure EMAIL is the 100% secure and easy solution to protect your email, messages, notes and fb postings and private, business text communication! Extrem strong encryption: AES 256 DL !!! Crypto Level 4 !! ► Extremely secure and mo

The Havelin File Encryptor is a file encryption software, which let you encrypt a file with just 1-CLICK only in seconds !! Just drag & drop your file on the Havelin window and encrypt or decrypt it, fast & extremely secure ! AES 256 secure encryptio

Navaja-SEE is the perfect high-end encryption enterprise server software for you business, company or private issues to encrypt, decyprt your text communication, 100 % Secure (Emails, SMSs, fb-postings and all other text messages, notes) !! AES 256 D

External IP is a extremely simple but very, very useful network tool - It shows your current "real" external IP-address in the top right corner at the status menu beside the system clock. (seamless integrated!) A "real" IP-address, also called exter

► idict med X-EN-RUS is a medical reference dictionary with more than ► 30.000 words and phrases (ENGLISH - RUSSIAN, RUSSIAN - ENGLISH), especially developed for medical doctors and medical stuff, medical students, nurses, army and anybod

From the world leading iOS, Mac medical dictionary software company: ► idict med X is a medical reference dictionary with more than ► 30.000 words and phrases (ENGLISH - GERMAN, GERMAN - ENGLISH), especially developed for medical doctors

-25 % for extreme short time ! The Claymore-Shredder IEPED (Intelligence Enterprise Edition) is a single file shredder, which is seamless integrated in your Mac OS X (in the status menu, beside the clock) and supports 12 international approved intell

The Claymore-Shredder is the most effective hard-disk, flash drive, media card, SSD* and single file shredder software, available on the Mac App store ! 100 % Security !! NO DATA RECOVERABLE !!! In contrast to conventional other shredder software pr

Password Pandora is a super lightweight and extremely secure password manager and password keeper !! Forget all this graphic overloaded, heavy weighted password managers - All you need is Password Pandora, it just does, what it says -> STORE YOUR PA

The world-leading medical auscultation learning software form the iPhone, now for the Mac !! iauscult-X is an auscultation, stethoscopy heart (cardiac) and lung, bowel sound learning application for the Mac for medical students and nursing stuff, or