Applications by Ting-Wang

SudokuSolver will help you solve that "difficult" sudoku puzzle. It provides an easy initial position setup. You can then step through the solution one cell at a time or you can let the application step through it for you. You can also use it underst

A little kitty, Tandy, has just witnessed her mother die. She is all alone in a hostile world. Who does she trust? Where can she go? What can she eat? Play through this heart-wrenching tale of a young feline growing up in the world. Survive the viol

A space backdrop knock bricks game, you need to take advantage of the ball fast crack bricks above. 一个太空背景下的敲砖块游戏,您需要利ஷ

PDFSlide can be used to display PDF-based presentations . Features Presenter View with current and next views. An annotation window that allows you to annotate your presentations from the Presenter View. A timer showing the current and elapsed time

Run as far as you can! You the thief be found, quickly escape it. Features: 1 support in three scenes: fields, snow, city 尽全力快速跑 你是一直偷腥的狐狸ᦁ

Synopsis: VIPs on the colony LV-421 require evacuation to the nearest planetside shuttleport, as a result of civil uprising occurring within the colony. As a Remote Supporter, it is your job to direct the evac ship’s movement and utilize the s

The application is a convenient icon generation tool can help you quickly generate application icons, including various sizes for iOS application icon and Mac application Icns icon. Features: * Support for generating applied to Mac applications Icns

A down arrow keys to control the running game in the menu bar, leisure, nothing else to pluck a few great sport. 一个用上下方向键控制的,运行在菜单

A batch renaming application. 一个文件批量重命名的应用。

The shiny screen ruler tool, allowing you to measure the pixel width and height of the screen forms and graphics. 闪亮的屏幕直尺工具,方便您测量屏幕

Image Editor is an pixel art editor designed for working with low-resolution raster art, such as those 8-bit sprites found in old-school video games. With innovative features like a unique color palette system, patterns, layers, and high-zoom support

Ninja jump game, heart jump up, accidentally, you'll fall off. 忍者跳跃游戏,用心向上跳,一不小心,你就会掉下&#