Applications by Thomas-Johannesmeyer

Condense 1.6 released! Featuring "Text to Speech" and other improvements. For a little video demo check out: Typing out has come to an end. Say ‚Hello‘ to Condense. Your easy to use optical character recognition (OCR

All the timers you want, all at one place - Create the timer you need in just 2 clicks - 2 different setup methods (Slider / Keyboard) - Save your timer for later - Displays negative time (time your timer is over) - Pause / resume / restart timers -

You are a multi monitor user or a presenter who is forced to use different projectors? Ever fiddled around with your mouse because your cursor got stuck somewhere in between your screens? MouseBeam is going to be your new best friend! It is a minima

„My Mac’s performance is just fine - it’s me who needs an upgrade.“ Nobody said ever. But it's time to change that. Your download folder bristles? Your desktop almost breaks from your last month’s files you just wanted