Applications by Thomas-Gnzel

VOBMerge lets you easily combine multiple unprotected VOB-Files (VIDEO_TS) to one big MPEG-File without re-encoding.

The goal of the game is to get your spaceship into the goal, simple as that. All you have to do is avoid the borders.

VirtualLightdesk is a 24 Channel DMX Software for Partys, Concerts, and Theaters. It needs the Enttec Open DMX for sending DMX data.

Don't worry about those many files where you have to change a few things! There's no need to open every single file and edit them manually, Search and Replace does it all for you! Search and Replace lets you create your own rule files for replacing s

Falldown is a simple game where you have to get a little ball down as far as you can. With online highscores you can see how good you are.

With Apricum you can create Applications without a single line of code or any knowledge of programming languages. Although developed with lightning control in mind it can be used to cover a great range of applications. Everything works with drag and

With SpaceDebris Level Editor you can create your own levels for the iOS game SpaceDebris. You can test-play the levels on your iOS device over your local network or publish your level to our servers so everybody can play it! Please note that you nee