Applications by The-Escapers-Consultancy

FLUX 4 is the older version, please see 'Flux V'. Flux is an advanced HTML5 Web design application, capable of creating stunning sites from scratch. Flux isn't a template based solution, it's a creative design environment. Version 4 introduces Free

Flux is an application for designing websites, visually and using hand coding. You can start with a template, or with a blank page, it's up to you. You can handcode, or never touch a single byte, it's all your decision.

A todo list that synchronize across all your devices. Please note that a account is required for synchronization.

Lucid is a new way of adding Animations, and other capabilities to your web pages. You can add simple menu transitions, Google Maps, JSON requests and so much more. Lucid is like JavaScript Lego® for yor webpages, you can add capabilitity by buil

Stuf is a clipboard manager with a difference, you can copy and paste between different Macs over your wired or wireless network!

Whoosh is a client for Amazon SES (Simple Email Service)