Applications by Tension-Software

Precise Screenshot is the new generation tool to take screenshots from the screen. Precise Screenshot can select a resizable portion of the screen with the usual drag method or it can use pre-fixed size area from a customizable popup menu (with the

String Replacer allows to find and replace a list of strings inside files and folders on your Mac directly or in batch mode. String Replacer allows to operate on multiple files using a multiple string couple replacement list. It works with just a si

This is the old outdated version of Date Time Calc. Please Click 'more Apps by Tension Software' and select Date Time Calc 2 for the latest full featured release. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Date Time Calc is a

International Space Station allows to see the position of the the International Space Station over an interactive map of the world. With a simple view of the map you will be able to see if the International Space station will be visible from your loc

To Text Converter is an app to convert files from various formats (PDF, HTML, RTF, RTFD) to standard plain TEXT files It works with drag and drop of files from the finder to the application window. No other actions required. It is the right solution

Date Time Calc is an application to calculate future and past dates adding a date interval and to calculate date difference between two assigned date It is realised for business and technical user who are in need of calculation of date in a bullet pr

DB-Text is able to manage text data organized by rows and columns in a more practical and effective way then text editors. To start to add import is enough to drag and drop (or select via a standard open dialog) the file to import DB-Text can impor

Power Utility is an application that let your Mac, when unattended, to: • Restart • Shutdown • Sleep • Logout basing all on specific conditions or on time schedules. ( SEE ALL OUR APPS. WE HAVE 25 APPS HERE ON THE APP STORE! )

Password Repository is an app to manage passwords in an easy and secure way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the old version of Password Repository. Please Click 'more Apps by Tension Software' and se

This is the old version of AutoMailer. Please Click 'more Apps by Tension Software' and select AutoMailer 2 for the latest release, able to send also HTML web emails. ------------------------------------- AutoMailer is an app useful for any company

------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS IS THE PREVIOUS GENERATION RELEASE 3. PLEASE LOOK FOR 'URL EXTRACTOR 4' IN MORE APPS BY TENSION SOFTWARE TO GET THE LATEST MAJOR RELEASE. ----------------------------

This is an old release of Invoices For latest release please search for: 'Invoices 3' or select 'More Apps By Tension Software' and select 'Invoices 3' from the list ------------------------------------------------------------ Invoices X is an OS

Product Builder allows to create packages ready to be transmitted using the Application Loader (by Apple and included with the Developer tools) to the Mac App Store. It is an indispensable tool for any App Store developer that want to submit applica

TS Calc is a document based application and its documents can be realized and used as calculation models for a specific mathematical technical problems. It is a complete different approach to solve math problems respect to the usual one using a sprea


THIS IS THE OLD VERSION OF CALCLINE FOR OLD SYSTEMS (OS X 10.7.3+) PLEASE SELECT 'MORE APPS BY TENSION SOFTWARE' AND SEE 'CALCLINE 4' FOR THE LATEST RELEASE! THANKS Calcline is a latest generation algebraic calculator easy to use and with advanced

AutoMailer allows to send personalised emails to multiple addresses, in text or web format, each merged with data from an internal database. It allows to prepare and send an unlimited quantity of emails with a single click, each with custom conten

Invoices 3 is a native Mac only application to create and manage commercial invoices aimed at small business. Using Invoices you can create commercial invoices with just simple click operations inserting pre-made values Invoices allows to have a pr

Data Extractor allows to extract data in a sparse format contained inside files and collect them in an internal structured table Collected data can be exported at any time in various format (CSV, TSV, HTML, Custom). Data Extractor is perfect also to

Easy Markdown lets you create Web pages just writing plain text with Markdown simple syntax. A text written in Markdown is a plain text which looks correctly to humans as text and automatically translates in a correctly web pages coded in html. Ins

Email Obfuscator is a tool useful for anyone creating and editing web pages It creates email links using ‘obfuscated’ code ready to be used in your html web pages. The obfuscated link can be put inside any web page and it is not recogniz

Cronette it's a software to specify tasks to be launched automatically by the Mac. It can be used on unattended Mac Servers or also on regular Mac workstations for batch unattended tasks to execute during the night or for recurring tasks to be perfo

THIS IS THE OLD RELEASE OF MY IP PLEASE SELECT 'MORE APPS BY TENSION SOFTWARE' AND SELECT 'MY IP 2' FOR THE LATEST RELEASE. THANK YOU My IP is a utility app to see with which public IP address you are connected to the net (different from your IP ad

Password Repository 3 is the OS X native app to manage all your passwords and all the related data in a safe way on your Mac. It's a document based app and allows you to manage an unlimited numbers of documents, any containing how many password reco

Product Manager is a macOS application to manage company products from different standpoints. Product Manager can be used also for a different typology of product to manage the activities associated to the improvements, distributions and marketing of

Copy Fast is a simple and powerful application that let you copy instantly content of organized files to your clipboard in a single click, ready to be pasted in other documents It resides always in the right part of the menu bar as a status menu icon

Geo WPS allows to track your geographic position using macOS wi-fi geo-tracking and other available hardware inside and connected to your Mac to detect your coordinate in the best precise way via Apple core location. Geo WPS is an alternative to App

DMG Master is a document based app to create standard DMG Archive with just one click. This is the standard way to distribute your content for Mac. (We are receiving emails asking us to upgrade DMG Master to the latest release here on the App Store

AutoCrypt, is an encryption/decryption app with a unique approach. Using a document based application, AutoCrypt lets the user save in a document all the settings used to encrypt files using AES-256 encryption algorithm Using these documents, AutoC

URL Extractor is an app to extract and collect emails and urls in an automatic unattended way from local files on your Mac or from the web starting from web pages or search engine keywords. URL Extractor can be used to extract thousands of email ad