Applications by Takayuki-Ogino

SwitchDictLang let you enable to change the dictation language by pressing a key. Dictation in OS X mountain Lion is awesome but it recognizes one language. If you have an opportunity to write a sentence which has a foreign language, try it out! You

PasteShogiban is the application which playback the record of Shogi game by pasting the copied record text or droping the recoreded file. You can control playback direction by clicking playback buttons on the bottom of the window. You can examine an

KentouShogiban is the App for examining positions of Shogi Game. You can record your moves with memos. You can also playback a Shogi Game record. [Features] ・Playback a game record ---Pressing the paste button(command+v) to paste copied game

This app is for registering English or other language phrases and training them. You register the phrase which is used by a conversation well or something like proverbs that you want to use (figure out reflexively when you hear it or looked). You can