Applications by Taihoa-Publishing

Cling to the surface of Space Station LV-427 to battle the nefarious cybernetic alien race known as the Unicus. Use your trusty grappling hook and machine gun to vanquish your opponents, and battle your way to the self-aware xenotechnic space destroy

***On sale for a limited time!*** Play our version of the card game known as Presidents, Scum, Bum, Butthead as well as another name we can't say here. Play against the computer opponents to play all of your cards first and become the president!

Play the classic game of nonogram, with small nonograms for beginners, medium sized nonograms for the average, and large nonograms that form large pictures. Drag just the area you want to work on and get to it! The game has been designed for expansi

Use your sleep-shooting powers to put enemies to sleep, as you push buttons and boxes, tranquilize your enemies and open doors on your way to reach the portal at the end of the level. 20 levels will keep you engaged as you solve the puzzles in this

Play this classic card game! Click the highlighted cards to start, then add your cards to the piles by placing a card one above or one below the top card of either pile (suit of the cards does not matter). There are no turns, place the cards as fast

TimeRift is a platform adventure through time. Save not just one, but all of the universes as you travel through time in order to save time itself. The professor thinks you are responsible for spilling his time potion and putting all of the universe