Applications by TXTLABS

*** Now FREE!!! *** Capture the screen as a layered PSD for easy editing. Capture the Desktop, Dock, Menu Bar, Cursor and every Window as separate layers in PSD format. Open and edit in Photoshop, Pixelmator or other graphics tool. Hide, reorder

*** Now FREE!!! *** Capture full-length PNG screenshots of any website. BrowseShot lets you capture a PNG of the full scrollable area of a website. Important: May not work with some websites. See Limitations for more details or email support for s

Stop your Mac from going to sleep. Don't Sleep blocks screen dimming, screen saver and sleep. Click on the icon in the menu bar to use. Right-click/⌘-click to instantly activate and deactivate. Important: Don't Sleep will NOT stop your laptop

Preview Github Flavored Markdown. Marko displays your Markdown document as it will look on Github. Use Marko side-by-side with your favorite text editor to preview your Markdown documents as you write them. Marko automatically reloads documents whe