Applications by Symetron-apps

Shrinker is the new desktop app. It's stylish and fancy, all while not compromizing on performance. It utilizes powerful javascript and css compression algorithms to optimize and minify your javascript. It also does the reverse, it makes your code re

Color Pick is an easy to use app that isn't just apple's standard color picker. It's different, hand-coded from the bottom up with a stunning clear interface. Now you can easily access color codes quickly and efficiently. Features: - 6 different c

Dozens of Air postal planes have malfunctioned, dropping a vast amount of deadly crates. Cruising on your small fishing boat, You must swiftly avoid these packages and gain floats to increase your score.

A simple , stylish, no-frills stopwatch app, for whatever you need to time .. your eating contest or whatever... Comes with 3 different color options too