Applications by Stphane-QUERAUD

A desktop Gmail email client for your Mac, without a browser ! "Mia for Gmail is a fine replacement for Google’s dearly departed original" - Andrew Hayward ( "The Gmail app I was waiting for !" - Eric ( * Read and co

bmGlyph - bitmap font generator. bmGlyph is a tool which allow you to create nice bitmap fonts and use it in your game or application. (a bitmap font generator with a font atlas). Multiple resolution export with the same project, and support most of

HD2x: easily resize your images (jpg, png, bmp, psd, tiff ...) and tiled map (.tmx files) ! Select yourself the scale factor your filename format. HD2x helps to quickly convert your files from HD to SD or SD to HD. - Drop folders or files (images

Recover gigabytes of free space! Do you need more disk space? Do you always forget to remove old and heavy files? Do you need to find where are your unwanted files? If one of your answer is yes, try Precious Disk! PreciousDisk efficiently carries