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The science curriculum for young children states that as part of understanding living things and life processes, children should be able to recognise and compare the main external parts of the bodies of humans. The Parts of the Body activity is a way

Where is the trunk on a tree? What is the name of the colourful parts of a flower? Do butterflies have legs? One of the basic starting points in early science is for children to become familiar with the basic structure of plants, trees and different

“Pairing for Early Science” helps children get a start on knowing basic science related vocabulary. It teaches children words for fruit and vegetables, body parts, animals - and the noises they make. With this knowledge, children can star

How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly? a tadpole turn into a frog? Let children discover the life stages of many types of animal with this early years science app for children aged 4 to 8 years old. Knowing about the life stage of different c

Sorting for Early Science is a fun educational app for use in schools or at home. It builds on children's natural curiosity for objects and animals in the world around them. Is a pear a fruit of a vegetable? Does a penguin have wings? Having the ab