Applications by Stephen-Colbran

Create exquisite and unique folders for your computer with hundreds of pre-created images. Custom folders are a simplistic, but powerful way to increase your productivity. At some stage, everybody has had a desktop which seems to be bursting at the

Folder Forge is back and bigger than ever. Create exquisite and unique folders for your computer with over 1000 pre-created images. Using the new creator, you'll now be able to easily edit any of the folders we supply. You can even create your own s

**** SAMUCO PDF DOES NOT WORK ON SIERRA AT THIS TIME **** We are working with Apple engineers to resolve bugs in the system PDF framework on which SamucoPDF relies. Thank you for your patience! --------------------------------------------------------

Secret Folders allows you to easily create and hide secure password protected folders. It is an essential utility for people who want to protect their privacy. The Secret Folder and its content is invisible and cannot be found by a search or other ap

** 60% off until 20th of July ** iDesktop lets you have different desktops with different files and different wallpapers. Create a work desktop, a school desktop, a game desktop, a blank desktop... the possibilities are endless! It is time to cleanu

Welcome to Dock Menus - an application for your Mac that allows you to create multiple 'dock like' menus. Dock Menus will make you more organized, uncluttering your desktop to help you to complete tasks faster. Like your Dock, you can drag and drop

Remember when you got that coffee and came back to find somebody else using your computer? Protected Screen is the solution. Protected Screen works by putting a virtual cloak over your screen. This cloak cannot be removed without a password which is