Applications by Stefan-Keller

••• Free evaluation version available on the dev’s website. ••• Exporter for Contacts (was "Export Address Book") is a popular and the most comprehensive Mac app of its kind to export contact data from Co


••• Free evaluation version available on the dev’s website. ••• Export Calendars Pro will let you easily export events and reminders from your Mac's Calendar and Reminders apps to an Excel file, CSV file,

Mail Detective tries to determine the geographical origin of email messages in your INBOX via geolocation by parsing the message headers for the sender's IP address, which makes it easier for you to check how plausible the message is. Simply drag the

Importer for Contacts picks up where Apple Contacts left off: The app imports contacts from Excel files, CSV files and tab-delimited files into Address Book with more options. As a bonus, it can also save vCard files for the converted contacts rather

Backup Contact Pictures can export and import all of your contact pictures to and from a folder. When exporting, the contact's name is used for the image file's name. When importing, the image will be assigned to all contacts whose name does match th