Applications by Sputnik-Games

•• FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!! •• Jumpy Penguin is a simple one button game where you try and Jump the penguin over the hills as many times as you can. Give it a try and you won't be able to stop playing. •• How to p

DVDesktop is a great way to watch your movies as a floating transparent window or desktop video wallpaper. Wallpaper video player full screen and custom sizes. "It's something that I didn't know I always wanted. I'm actually watching movies over al

Desktop Star Field is an interactive desktop wallpaper app where stars fly around your screen while being pulled by an artificial gravity affected by your mouse. Desktop Starfield requires Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion • Two styles of star f

A heavy rain has flooded the pasture and created a deep ravine that the cows need to cross to get home. Help them back to the barn by bouncing them from one cliff to the other. As the game progresses the cows start jumping off the cliff faster and fa

Vapor Trails is an animated desktop wallpaper app of planes flying at high altitude where the planes leave a vapor trail. I love looking up at the sky and watch passenger planes leave white vapor trail (contrails) in their path. This app, in it's s