Applications by Sovamo-LLC

This virtual keyboard is great for playing a simple melody. View up to three octaves at once and get all the versatility you need while playing. Control the piano via musical typing or touch.

Everyone knows the best part of trampolines are the crazy stunts you can do on them. Now you can experience the fun on your computer. Make doodle man bounce higher and higher while trying to rack up your score by pulling some neck-breaking stunts.

‘LearnQuick - Piano Teacher’ is a valuable tool for piano lovers…especially if you are just learning to play. See and play chords, practice scales, analyze chord progressions, or just play around on the keys. Jump around between

Ever wondered what it would be like to do some flips in the middle of a free fall? You have 60 seconds to perform as many stunts as you can and rack up your score. (…and try not to get hit by the plane) FEATURES • Happiness

You're in prison. How did that happen? Who knows. All you know is that you need to get out. First you'll need to avoid the lookout guards, searchlight, guard dogs, and whatever else they can throw at you. Avoid all of these things and you're free&he