Applications by Softech-di-Germinara-Francesco

FGDesktopLoupe is a desktop dimmer that will allow you to use a spotlight beam that follows your mouse pointer to focus on a part of the screen. FGDesktopLoupe will allow you to easily set the size of the spotlight and the color of the dimmer backgr

Soft Link it's a simple GUI to manage symbolic link (like Alias) on your Mac. User can create new soft link (symlink) launching application in standard mode (double click on icon file) or open Menu Services, from Finder with a folder or a file select

It's a fast and easy utility to create Disk Image with encryption. You can use the image disk create to store reserved information.Mount of the image disk require the password used when you create the DMG. It's is a SPARSE DMG, the max size is set to

PathConverter is a little utility that help user to manage string path copy and paste operation. Simply drag & drop folder or single file on the drop area and you have the full path value in different format. Copy and paste to use the output format

The application is userful for test other application than need ripetitive mouse task like click e double click at user specified coordinates. It is also a COMMAND LINE utility, it is created for Developer users. Call this command utility for a

Get your text file, specify the words that application will use to generate page break and create a multipage PDF file.