Applications by Soemarko-Ridwan

SModcast Internet Radio is a free tiny app that sits on the top right corner on your Mac desktop computer. SModcast Internet Radio is a live stream of SModcast podcasts all the time. 24/7. Also checkout SModcast On Demand for iOS at http://AppStore.

Say goodbye to your note named Misc, or Random stuff. Note Number One is an app specifically to solve that need. It's One text box, everywhere. It won't replace your Evernote, or One Note, or even Vesper, but it strive to be the FIRST and MOST OF

With current growth rate of JavaScript libraries, it's almost overwhelming to try them all. And not to mention all the RESTful APIs out there, I bet you just can't wait to roll your sleeve up and get your hands dirty. Enters RunJSRun... RunJSRun is