Applications by Socialbit-UG

Sometimes you need a plist just containing some file names to use it in software you are working on. plistDropper helps you to easily create those plists. Follow Socialbit on twitter: Become a fan on facebook: http:

WifiAmp helps you to control winamp from your mac in a known look&feel! You need a Wifi-Network in which both, your computer and your mac are connected to. Also you need to run our wifiamp server application on your windows computer. WifiAmp serv

Der Mac-Client für die Socialbit-Zeitverwaltung! Funktionen: - Einchecken - Auschecken - In spezielles Projekt einchecken - Statusabfrage Achtung: Funktioniert nur in Verbindung mit dem Socialbit CMS und dem Zeitverwaltungs-Modul! Mehr I

RELO is a small app for all developers out there. RELO offers an drop-in-replacement for NSLog that allows you to log data remote from as much devices you want. Also, RELO will sort your log output by method, class, line and tag. So you will be able