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EasyOnTheEyes is FREE, simple, robust and easy to use screen shader app. Complete multiple display support, including latest OS X. Enjoy, feel free to ask and suggest and don't forget to check out our other apps. - Multiple monitor support, even on

Rewire Your Brain! Drop All Bad Habits! Work Faster and Better! Live Healthier and Happier Life! * Please note: Subliminal is not a toy. Subliminal does help you achieve * measurable real-world results. There is serious brain mechanics * knowledge b

Amazing Album Cover art*. On your screen. While you listen. Version 2.0 is greatly improved: ability to dig deeper and find high quality images; ability to use iTunes album art while listening to iTunes Radio. Now with InTune support! Please make s

*** 60% OFF - FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY *** Intentionally thin. Intriguingly beautiful. No-nonsense internet radio player for your Mac. Honestly, we were bit tired of trying to find perfect internet radio player that does not eat up all the system re

Don't break the chain is the concept of accomplishing things on a daily basis. If you have something you’d like to create a habit of doing every day, mark an X on a calendar each day you do it. After you’ve accumulated a few X’s, yo

Do you know how many times exactly you needed to count something while working on your Mac, but you didn't have an app for that? Of course you don't, it's a paradox: in order to be able to precisely count on Mac, you needed to have an app installed a

Desktop is the only place where you can visually organize files and folders. Using muscle memory to access your files and folders is a brilliant way to work, usually much faster that when you use Finder and regular non-desktop folders. Sadly, with to

Your favorite music site, moved way way up, where it belongs. When you quit your regular browser, music doesn't stop. Your favorite site, closed by accident? You can't find it quickly, among all other opened tabs? WayWayUp makes sure it is protecte

Meet Zen Timer - the gorgeous Focus Timer that really works. While you work or study, Zen Timer uses fractal math to generate a unique new tree every time. Watch your tree mature slowly, growing leaves and getting bigger as the period progresses. Wh