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Mp3 Recorder is one specialized audio recording app save as mp3 format, We can record from microphone, system sound, online playing music. We also can edit the recorded mp3 again. Features: 1. Record audio from microphone & system at the same time

"Screen Recorder Gear" is an easy use about screen record tool. we can record fullscreen, fixed window or custom selected region to video and the audio of the recorded movie can from microphone or computer or online etc. It can make a good quality re

Screen Recorder Gear + is one easy-to-use screen recording & editing app that perfect for creating tutorial and movie recording. Record your entire screen, one window or select portions with high quality clear audio from microphone or system audi

iGif Maker is an easy, professional software for gif creation, you can create gif file from video a piece of cake. It support all apple video format(like .mov,.mp4,.m4v). How to create gif ? 1. Click + to add video. 2. S

Ringer is an easily use for create ringtone software, We just need 3 steps. 1. Add source file. 2. Set the start or end of the ringtone (Defaults duration is 40s) and Set use fade in/out for ringtone. 3. Export ringtone. we can export to where we

Face Capture - GIF Maker is one specialized GIF Make app on Mac OS X, It lets you capture countenances in front of the iSight to create to GIFs, and also you can convert clips from your video files to GIFs. Features: 1. Capture your countenances

Music Convertor is an easy use audio converter app. It helps to convert most common audio in different formats to different new audio formats like below. Import audio: mp3, m4r, caf, ogg, ac3, aiff, wav, flac, au, voc, wma, m4a, mmf. Import video:

One specialized Ringtone Creator app, we can create ringtone from video, audio. It allowed multiple of audio, video formats like below: Audio: mp3, m4r, caf, ogg, ac3, aiff, wav, flac, au, voc, wma, m4a, mmf. Video: mov, mp4, m4v. How to use R