Applications by Six-Foot-Three-Foot

Mojo Video Poker is a fast, realistic, video poker experience. Features three completely different game types: • Classic Video Poker • Triple Hand Video Poker • Super Multiplier Poker • Chase the Multiplier - (New for Version 2)

Mojo Solitaire Collection is a collection of Solitaire based games. These include Klondike, Spider Solitaire, and the tile based Mahjong. You can earn mojo coins by playing the games, that can be used to unlock Backgrounds in the game. This is a

Word Jumble O Rama Blitz is a quick 2 minute hunt and find word game. You have 16 tiles that randomly shuffle at the beginning of each game, using adjacent tiles (with no duplicates) make valid words between 3 and 8 letters. Fast word finding will

Mahjong Mojo 3D is a collection of free mahjong solitaire layouts in a fully 3D world. The board can be flipped, rotated, while playing the game. How to Play: Select a valid tile and find it's matching pair. Tiles are locked if they have neighbo