Applications by Sinisa-Drpa

Pattern Digger finds and manages internal notes in source code or any other text file. The application provides a global overview of the remaining tasks, a summary of what need to be done in a file or a project. Traditional To-do list doesn't prov

Sit Up Straight helps you to maintain a proper posture while working on computer. If you start to slouch, an overlay with sound notification will remind you to correct your posture. The app uses computer's camera to set up and assess your posture. O

A modern note-taking app. Features: Search encompasses title and content, Notes can be organized by tags, categorized with colors, New notes and tags can be created directly from the search bar, Undo/redo support for all operations, All modificatio

An image editor which lets you combine image filters to create unique effects. It offers extensive library of image filters that can be stacked and saved as a presets for later use. The application provides real-time performance and immediate visu

The one-window app. that helps you to find documents and text within them, combining Mac OS Spotlight with Unix Find and Grep. The search operation is performed realtime, without the need for indexing, with support for regular expressions and can be