Applications by Side-Tree-Software

Billboard is an iTunes front-end with fullscreen and window views. Perfect when playing DJ at parties, hanging out with friends, or just lounging around the house. Simple, elegant, and readable at a distance.

ShuffleApp helps you rediscover your apps. We've purchased and accumulated a ton of applications on our Macs. So many in fact that we've forgotten what most of them even do. It's time to re-explore our apps! Launch ShuffleApp and it will choose r

Tribbi is a game of falling pieces, played against two walls of the board. When rows are cleared, the board rotates 90 degrees. As you progress through the levels, new pieces are unlocked, and the pace of gameplay increases. There are three board s

Swap the tiles to descramble the picture! * Retina Ready, with Fullscreen and Windowed play * Board sizes from 2 to 10 tiles across for a wide variety of skill levels * Use the default images that come with your Mac, or select a folder of your own p

Abuzzle is an abstract puzzle game. Match the big board to the little one as quickly as possible. Click-and-drag to manipulate the patterns, and click to change the colors. • Featuring 170 levels, each with endless variations. • If you

Mymyry is a memory puzzle game. A mix of shapes are displayed on the screen along with a countdown, then the board is cleared and you're asked to remember what shape was at a given location. If you get it wrong you'll go back to the beginning! Di

Equal is a realtime expression calculator. As you type, it calculates! The result of each line is displayed to the right, allowing you to easily break down multi-step calculations. Featuring: * Variables * Functions * Templates * Plaintext Import/