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Create booklet from PDF file. Book Binder layouts pages automatically. It supports right sided layout. This application doesn't create any files. Just print out the PDF file to create booklet. Open exists PDF file, select the paper to print out by

Add gpx data to JPEG file with GPS log data (GPX) by matching date and time information. (JPEG and GPX format is supported) Photos are grouped by the GPS's date and time data. You can adjust time difference between CAMERA and GPS logger by slider. A


Generate various required size images from one image. You can drag this generated folder onto Xcode's Assets pane to register icons. Target supports iOS (include iPhone, iPad and AppleWatch) and OS X. You may use regular square and sized 1024&time


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Utility application to sort photo files into folders sorted by photo's date. 5 steps to sort. 1. Select source photo files Click [+] button and select photo files or folder contains photo files. Or drop photo files or folders onto the list. 2.