Applications by Shuho-Chou

The only ORB to PDF Converter in the world & The only ORB eBook Reader on Mac. Just double click the .orb eBook files and enjoy the content instantly. I built the core parser and rendering engine for 4 years, it's extremely small, fast and stable w

This is the only app that could export all the shapes directly from .swf to PDF or .js file in vector format. Each shape would be a single page in the PDF and was kept resolution independent. Don't change the vector images to bitmap images anymore.

Finally, you can play/step/pause the .swf and capture the frames to resolution independent PDF pages or PNG. The option to drop the duplicated frames to get meaningful screenshots. Or just extracts individual images and shapes to PDF pages or PNG f

Every smart developer/designer should have this app to focus on the real importing thing instead of repeating the dragging, resizing, naming, copying procedures. Setup once and auto convert every time the source image was modified, also get informed