Applications by Sergey-Vitukhin

Merry dinos are fond of the letters. Let your kid to feed the dinos and to play with them. The app is designed with care for the children, so your toddler will love it. Learn through play! BabyUp: Dinos – a set of games for early toddlers&rsqu

Play and boost your memory! The game "MemoUp" is for not just fun, but for brain training as well! Ever-growing jaw-breaking complexity brewed in marvellous 3D graphics is minted with the special gameplay features. The game is to memorize the scre

Guide the rainbow team to the finish blocks! Put the blocks so the heroes can go through, make them jump, fall, teleport. Avoid the dangers and guide each hero to their finish blocks! Remember, there is a different route for each color! Features

BabyUp: Cars - a set of preschool learning games for kids. Cars - fast and slow, big and little - will help the child to learn counting, solving the easy puzzles and will train the memory. 15 mini-games are the first child’s companion into the

Funny butterfiles will help your child to play and learn. Your kids will awe you with their achievements. Learn through play! BabyUp: Butterflies – a set of games for your toddler. Live and curious butterfiles will help to start learning numbe

Dear humanoid, There is a big disaster on a planet Rusty Head! The robots became compromised by the virus "Dummy Algorythm". The compromised robots propagate the virus with tremendous speed. The defective robots should be deactivated ASAP. Now have