Applications by Secret-Base-Design

This Mac application is designed to work with the iOS app Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth. With Apollo, you can send MIDI between iOS devices, or between an iOS device and a Mac. Between iOS devices, MIDI messages can be sent in either direction at any

MIDImorphosis is a fast, accurate pitch-to-MIDI app, designed to work best with stringed instruments. Plug an ordinary guitar into your Mac through an appropriate audio interface, and set MIDImorphosis to receive audio from there. The pitch of your

Apollo Remote Recorder is an innovative iOS app that makes it easy to combine iOS synthesizers and samplers with traditional desktop-based DAWs. Using Audiobus, the app can record on iOS, with the recordings being triggered by MIDI. Apollo Remote R

The Apollo suite of apps make it easy to integrate iOS synthesizers and sequencers into a desktop recording environment. Sidecar on iOS can stream audio -- and Apollo Sound Injector is the Mac desktop app that can receive that audio stream. You can

Apollo Transmit is part of a suite of applications that let you integrate your iOS devices with desktop DAWs. Apollo Transmit will stream audio over a WiFi or ethernet connection; use the free Apollo Sound Injector app (available for iOS, OS X, and