Applications by Scott-Snibbe-Studio-Inc

"Apps like Gravilux awaken an 'Avatar'-like sensitivity to electricity in the body, power in the palms and general connectedness." - NY Times "Every once in a while, an app will come along that has no practical application whatsoever but is just SO

"Of the millions of apps out there, none quite capitalize on the sheer fun and beauty of interactivity the way that Scott Snibbe’s do.” --CoolHunting ** #1 Music App in Mac App Store Worldwide ** iTunes Top 10 App of the Year for Art an

"OscilloScoop Is Interactive, Music-Making Eye Candy" -- **The Top Ten Music App from iPhone and iPad is now available for MacOS** With OscilloScoop you sculpt musical grooves by gliding over spinning crowns, creating real-time EDM mus