Applications by Savraj-Dhanjal

Limited Time Sale! Super Copy Paste makes it easy to copy, reformat, and paste text, saving you precious time in your workday. The best part is, the Super Copy Paste app can run in the background. Choose your settings, minimize it, and it can run

Limited Time Sale! Web Metronome is the stand-alone, full-featured desktop version of the popular website. It is the simplest and most accurate metronome available on Mac. We strive for 5 star reviews and happy customers, so if you have any questio

Beatrix allows you to make quick and simple beats on your Mac. Create a beat by using your keyboard to tap it out. Use any of 61 instruments, and then save your beat for re-use! This is the first release of Beatrix. We strive for 5 star reviews an

Limited Sale! Regular price $14! Piano Keys makes your Mac's keyboard a synthesizer. Play over 128 instruments wherever you can take your computer! All 88 notes of a standard keyboard are mapped to your keyboard, just choose the range of notes yo

Limited Time Sale! Simplify data import with File Combiner. File Combiner makes it easy to combine multiple .txt and .csv files into a single file, for import into your favorite analysis software. "Great Product! Works Really Well!" Nicole, Univer

Limited time sale! Drum Keys turns your Mac's keyboard into a 61 instrument drum pad. This app is fun for the beginner as well as the seasoned drummer! This app makes it easy to quickly tap out a beat. Features: * Customize Key Assignments * Key

File Splitter makes it easy to split CSV and large TEXT files into smaller sub-files. Specify the number of lines per sub-file -- great for cloud import of large data files, as cloud services often have limits on the # of lines that can be uploaded i