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Create Anaglyphs From Single Pictures. Create Anaglyphs From Dual Image Pairs. Handles Left/Right image pairs and single images that contain side-by-side pictures. Can also open .MPO files. Create Anaglyphs From Depthmaps. Add a hidden image to any

Become the world’s largest venture capitalist by buying, selling and trading stock, all while trying to grow your own businesses.

Schedule Creator is a program designed to create team pairings. The unique feature of Schedule Creator is that no two teams will be paired together until all teams have been paired at least once. There are three options - Shuffle Row - Shuffle Colum

Calculate fret positions in inches and millimeters. Inches are in decimal and 1/64ths. Calculate string size based on vibrating string length. Special Mountain Dulcimer option. Print graphical layout of fret placement. Save fret list

The object of Letter Chain is to score as many points as possible by forming words using the letters given to you on the screen. Features include: Many Unique Levels Two Modes of Game play Special Effect Letter Tiles Use Spelling Lists to Create

Professional management from large home games to casino poker tournaments. Easy to use control panel for the tournament director. Keep track of blinds, antes, chips, rebuys, add-ons, breaks, players, table layouts, payouts & more. Single or dual m

Create Hidden Image Stereograms. Hidden image stereograms can be made from depthmaps, using several different texturing options. Create Floating Object Stereograms. Floating object stereograms can be created using clipart from many different sources

CB Sheet Writer

10 days ago

Create sheet music with chords and lyrics. Auto-Detect chords in text pasted from other sources. Auto formatting features. Special Mountain Dulcimer fret option.