Applications by Sameh-Aly

Screen Cap is an easy to use tool for recording and capturing screen as a movie and a great tool for creating video and audio tutorials. With Screen Cap you can do the following: - Choose to record full screen of a rectangular region of the screen -

Wifi Manger is an easy to use tool for scanning, troubleshooting and creating Wifi connections. Wifi Manager provides detailed information about: - Wifi access points in range, PHY mode,RSSI, Security mode, BSSID - Wifi interface including supported

Merge multiple movies together in one movie file. Just drag all the movies to the Movie Name table, arrange them, then select File->Save Movie Clips to File Note: only .mov format supported

Relax and let Read For Me do the reading for you. Just copy the text into Read For Me and choose the voice, pitch, volume and press start. Features: -Read For Me can read word by word or even character by character. -You can save the generated speech

✔ With speak you can write and he will speak ! ✔ It's easy to use just write then press speak ! ✔ It's fun to play with. ✔ You can also listen to your mails, documents, etc while you are working or away. ✔Speak wi

Add video effects and filters to your videos and export to mov format video Filters include: ColorInvert ColorPosterize Crystallize DotScreen Edges

Are you a webmaster, website or blog manager? Website Monitor will help you track your websites reachability. It checks the status websites every minute and displays the status code of every website and notifies you of any error codes.

iShutdown Timer is an easy to use utility that lets you schedule Shut down, restart, log out or put your Mac to sleep after specific amount of time. You can create timer in minutes, hours or both and you can select the action to Sleep/Shut down/Slee

Rename whole file name or just replace one or more characters with another. Simple select the folder that contains the files to be renamed then select the Rename tab to rename the whole file name or the Replace tab to replace one or more characters w

PDF 2 Image is a simple tool that is used to convert pdf files to images. What PDF 2 Image can do ? * convert pdf files to jpg image format * convert pdf files to png image format * convert pdf files to bmp image format * convert pdf files to tiff i