Applications by SCSM

You want to race. So get RacR2. No fancy setup, just wheel to wheel action. From technical tracks like Crag Isle and Aryll Short to flat out racing on Casello or Lupok Classic. Tire wear: we got it. Day/night races: RacR2 has those too. Want to just

Set in and around RacR City, RacR3 is an open world racing game with dynamic weather and a day/night cycle. RacR3 has tracks ranging from the technical like Urban Blast to flat out racing on Forest Rally. With smart AI rivals and Dynamic difficulty,

Strap in, get into gear and prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge in a very complete racing game. Pit yourself against aggressive AI opponents and your friends via split-screen multiplayer on eight stunningly designed tracks, each with a unique

Rouge experimental industrial droids have taken over a top secret development complex. We've tried to fix the software bug but have been locked out of the system. You’ll need to think hard to outwit them. Just remember: All is not as it seems.