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RunePDF is the easiest way to edit PDF's and it can save you a fortune as you won't have to buy expensive software to do it! ********************** CHEAPEST ON THE MAC APP STORE ********************** RunePDF comes with some great t

EnvelopeCat is a simple and easy to use app for printing address onto envelopes on the Mac. EnvelopeCat integrates nicely with Address Book to allow you to print a single address or a whole batch of envelopes. Of course you can use the records from

Quickly fill and sign any PDF form or agreement! No need to print and scan to fill out PDF forms! RuneSigner is great for: - Filling out and saving any PDF Form - Signing and Counter-signing agreements and contracts over email If you run a busines

PaintCat is an awesome painting program for OS X, PaintCat brings back the missing paint application in the Mac platform. Paint a picture, draw over a picture or even crop or apply effect like invert to existing images. PaintCat offers a wide range

============================================ Check out our amazing FREE browser Roccat: ============================================ CSV files (Comma Separated Values) are a common format used to transfer simple data, it is

RCode is the ultimate lightweight and powerful coding application, it opens in seconds so you can code straight away! RCode supports most top language syntax's supporting; Plain Text, C, C++, Objective C, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSON,PHP, Ruby, Shell

============================================ Check out our amazing FREE browser Roccat: ============================================ Roccat Munch allows you to manage most Webkit browser's cookies including Safari, Roccat a

**** If you are looking for a more advanced barcode generator, check out our Barcode Generator Pro app, with the ability to change colors, fonts, add quiet space, set color spaces and much more! **** Quickly generate barcodes with the easy to use us

QR Generator Pro provides a similar user interface to our popular Barcode Generator Pro app, but this is an amazing value app for creating QR codes. QR Generator Pro allows you to enter as much data as you like, and allows you to change the color of

Video to GIF is a hassle free GIF converter which allows you to convert small videos to animated GIF images. Video to GIF supports converting from most major video formats. Simply choose a video, set the frame rate and then export your GIF, it's as

RMarkdown is a minimalist and distraction free markdown writer and editor, it comes with three view options, the editor mode and the preview mode, or alternatively you can have the split mode which shows both. The split view gives a live preview so y

TimerCat is a pomodoro style productivity timer, use it to set up 25 minutes of work with a 5 minute break between sessions. Top Features: - Color coded timer to keep track of how much time you have left - Receive OS X notifications when your ses

Quickly generate barcodes with the easy to use user interface, preview your barcode before saving. You are then able to copy the barcode to your clipboard or export to PDF, Vector EPS or a high quality TIFF. Easily change the size of the barcode or

============================================ Check out our amazing browser Roccat: ============================================ iRuneText is the solution to distraction-free writing! After iRuneText's source code was lost in

Ever accidentally overwrote that important password or article you copied into your clipboard? That's no problem with ClipboardCat just enter a keyboard shortcut on the desired clupboard item and it'll go back to your current clipboard, simple! Clip

CopyImage allows you to very quickly upload the current image in your clipboard to ImageShack, simply copy an image and choose to upload it as it is to ImageShack to to upload it as a JPEG to ImageShack. CopyImage also allows you to convert your ima


Flick is the easiest way to share files and messages between iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and Macs! Simply choose a file on your Mac to send to your iOS device, no need to sync files via iTunes. Sharing photos from one phone to another has never b

Do you develop iOS or OSX applications? with ImageReducer you can easily resize your @2x and -hd images in seconds! This make it easy to create all of the non-retina graphics so you can resize them in a matter of seconds ImageReducer supports .jp

Runecats GIF Maker makes creating animated GIFs simple! Simply create a frame and add an image into each frame, and then export and your animated GIF is ready. You can easily import an existing GIF and then add additional frames, easily change the

PDF417 Generator provides a similar user interface to our popular Barcode Generator Pro app, but this is an amazing value app for creating PDF417 codes. PDF417 Generator allows you to enter data to create your PDF417 barcodes, and allows you to chan