Applications by Rowena-Ricalde

RedditTab is a reddit browser on your Menubar. It is the ultimate in stealth-mode reddit browsing - you will never have to Cmd+Tab again. Features: - Browse reddit on your menubar - Icon changes to orange-red when you receive a new message. - Mount

DoItNow! is a simple, natural-language todo list and alarm clock. Creating tasks can't be any simpler - just type it into the text box, and DoItNow! should automatically parse the to-do info from your input, using natural language. It sits silently

Comic Bookie is a dead simple comic book reader. It lets you view comics quickly and easily, with very little hassle. Just open a file with Comic Bookie and start reading. To get you started, try searching for public-domain comic books on archive.or

QuickTranslator lets you harness the power of Google Translate(tm) translation service from your menu bar. With one click you get access to a tool to let you quickly translate words and blocks of text, by typing them in or copying and pasting them i

MusicTab is a remote control for Spotify(r). Control your radio/current Spotify playlist from your menubar. Get track information via realtime notifications - you won't have to switch windows anymore everytime you want to know what song is playing, o

medit is an app to let you quickly and easily edit or create files in the Markdown formatting syntax. It is extremely easy to use - just start typing Markdown formatted text on the left panel, and the preview appears in realtime on the right. medit

Follow doge to the moon on your desktop's menubar! Dogecoin-ticker shows you the latest dogecoin price right on your menubar.

RSSTab is a feed reader/aggregator for your MenuBar. Follow articles and stay updated on blogs/websites you like, all from your menubar.

TExtractor extracts embedded text data from files or executable binaries or app bundles. It provides you with the byte offset, length, and the value of found embedded strings. It helps you audit your release builds for security against reverse engine