Applications by Roman-Nepsinsky

TrainCraft is a fast-paced arcade game for (not only) railroad enthusiasts. Hop aboard the train and: * Control train and switch turnouts to change your train’s direction * Try to collect all coins to gain score and progress to next stage *

FireLords is fast arcade game with literally explosive gameplay. If you like Bomberman, Dynablaster or similar games you should definitely try FireLords! VIDEO: FEATURES: - Smart enemies - with variable behaviour and int

- Unique match-3 puzzle game (you need to combine at least 3 same symbols in a line in any of 6 directions to eliminate them from game board and gain score) - Themed in four seasons - 4x15 levels to unlock - Powerful bonuses to enjoy - Hexagonal

DeathMetal is classic arcade game in new HD look. Do you like Arkanoid or similar wall/brick/block breakout? DeathMetal combines the best old school gameplay with cutting edge graphics and controls on your Mac! FEATURES: - Fast "oldschool" action -

Simple and pleasant puzzle experience. Relax your mind, listen to music and slide pieces of photos to achieve serenity. FEATURES: - High quality HD graphics - Original piano soundtrack (easy-listening genre) - High quality photo puzzles - 2 puz

VIDEO: The year is 2510. Time of exploration and colonisation of new planets, bringing chance for new life for many people. Humanity entered the second half of the millennium with hope to end long-lasting conflict betwe

*** EXCLUSIVELY for Mac: - NO advertisements! - NO inapp payments! - Access to server for downloading new levels is unlocked from the beginning, enjoy! *** VIDEO: - Scarab Tales is ideal game for holidays! Play 100 orig

No hints. No instructions. Only you and the game. If you need to ask how to play, you've already lost. Will you dare to challenge the Challenges?! :-) Do you want to find out how smart you are? Do you believe you are special, a unique human being?

Duck hunting game like you've never seen before (and not only because it's hard to see in the dark ;)). Point and shoot with your flashlight-equipped shotgun, survive whole night, buy upgrades, beat the best online score! * Features * - Many differe