Applications by Roberto-Attanasio

Digital Machine is a sound generative software to create digital beats and manipulate sounds to create an experimental soundscape. Create your own digital generative beat, and destroy it with many effects. You can use granular synthesis, looping, ste

Sine Waves Orchestra is a sound generative software that creates a probabilistic composition with sine waves. You have five voices that you can use, you can set in which octave a note must be played and the probability of note player. Select your fav

App that helps you to find notes of every scale you want. Simply click on a note and choose the type (Major-Minor) of scale you want to know.

App that helps you to find common notes between two scale. Useful when you try to find two similar scales for modulation, without many knowledges of music harmony.

Sound Bubbles is a funny sound application to create "bubbles" of sound with resonant digital impulses. You can change few parameters like density, decay of the sounds, glide of notes etc. to create a funny sound texture.