Applications by Rob-Stott

If you've ever been frustrated by the lack of an Auto Save feature in Adobe Illustrator* then Ai Auto Save is for you. It's a status bar app which will automatically save your Illustrator documents, minimising lost work should Illustrator quit unexpe

Barcode generators really don't come much easier to use than this. Simply fill in your barcode specifications in the main window, preview the barcode to check it's as you expect then save it to disk for use in Word, Illustrator, Powerpoint etc. Bar

Convert digital pictures into ASCII art with this fun, easy to use app. Simply drop a jpeg, gif, pdf, bmp or png* onto the input box and see them rendered into text. Tweak the font size, brightness and contrast and preview the results in real time.

Scan barcodes direct from your Mac's screen using this handy barcode reader. Ideal for checking your barcodes without having to print them out for use with a cumbersome hand scanner. Simply click the "Scan" button and select the screen area to scan.

View hashes, checksums and other metadata for any file. Simply your file onto View File's dock icon. The info displayed includes: FILE HASHES - RMD160 - SHA - SHA1 - SHA224 - SHA256 - SHA384 - SHA512 - MD4 - MD5 - MDC2 FILE INFO - File creation dat

Fonty allows you to scan all the installed fonts on your Mac and lists their character support. Fonty comes with some predefined character sets for some common languages and groups of characters. Fonty was designed to help graphic designers choose

A basic stopwatch for your Mac with the emphasis on keeping things clean, simple and easy to use. Features • Start or stop the timer using hot keys, by clicking the time or by selecting from the function menu • Choose from two different ti

Save precious time by automating common tasks in Adobe Illustrator CS5, CS6 or CC by using these actions for Apple's Automator. Automator Actions include: • Open document(s) • Close documents • Convert text to paths • Delete em

PDF Basics is a handy app which lets you perform the basic functions that everyone who uses PDFs comes to need sooner or later. If you need to... • combine multiple PDFs to make a single PDF • split a PDF into several smaller PDFs •

Sometimes you need an AppleScript application* to run in the background. That's to say, not to appear in the Dock or in the Force Quit menu. You can use Script Backgrounder to change your AppleScript applications into background apps. Simply drop y