Applications by Ricardo-Mendoza

LIL' BROWSER is a browser like no other! It sits on your menu bar and is ready for a quick search, to check your social networks, quickly view youtube videos or anything web related! Make it your go-to app for the web... it's small, light and lightn

***NOTE: iTunes 11 is out & the shuffle feature is not working (in iTunes 11 only). We will provide an update really soon! Thanks for your patience and your continued support!*** PlayFader is a simple, elegant app that will smoothly FADE IN (play) a

Test your memory strength with this radically awesome brain teaser of a game… It's Pony Memory Match HD! This game is simple, yet very fun and addictive to play. Great for all ages! The game includes some really beautiful graphics along w

***50% off sale - Sale ends February 1*** This pony loves to run in the snow and it is up to you to catch as many stars as you can! HOWEVER, watch out for those protective polar bears and the pesky chunks of ice. This is a game that is great for

Don't let your Pony down! The main goal is to see how far you can go down without falling! Fun for all ages! HOW TO PLAY: Use the LEFT-RIGHT arrow keys to move the horsy!

See how far you can take Deep Sea Pony, she is an explorer with a sense of adventure like no other. The farther you explore the faster and harder the game gets. Fun for the little ones, and bronies of all ages! But watch out for the bumpy little

Flying Pony needs your help flying through this awesome and colorful world! See how far you can go! Pony Flight is super fun and easy to play. Special power-ups like invincibility & shrinking will help you get farther and farther into this fantas

Flying angry dinosaurs, more commonly known as Agrosaurs are roaming around your friendly dinosaur civilization. You need to eradicate them completely. It may seem simple, but make sure and keep an eye on the Agrosaur counter and on the timer...

Fun, simple, yet addictive rotating puzzles that will have you playing for hours on end. The rotating puzzles are based on the classic sliding puzzle game, but with a twist! There are 5 ponies to choose from plus a shuffle and solve buttons for bet

Fun, simple, yet addictive siding puzzles that will have you playing for hours on end. The sliding puzzles are based on the classic puzzle game made with pieces of wood, but now transformed into the new era with all your favorite ponies. **This g