Applications by Rene-Rosendahl

Travel PackList is the perfect tool for everyone who wants to be organized about what to pack and what to do ahead of a trip. It lets you quickly organize things, so you don’t forget to pack or do something important. That way you can focus on

Have you ever run into the issue where your computer goes to sleep while downloading a large file, ripping a disc or performing a backup? CaffeinateMe can help by keeping your system running either for a specific time period or indefinitely until you

Are you an avid shopper? You might have noticed that their prices fluctuate frequently. PriceTracker for Amazon allows you to keep an eye on the items you’re interested in and get a good deal! Key Features: - Build a list of items

If you often facilitate training classes, workshops, or "Lean Coffee" meetings, you know how important it is to timebox group activities and show a big, visual timer to the audience to guide their exercises. That's exactly where Big Countdown Timer c

Disk images (DMG files) are a little annoying. You have to mount them, run an installer and then get rid of the mounted drive and remember to clean up the related DMG file. Not any more: DMG Cleaner is a helpful little tool that makes it easy to kee

Do you own several hard disks and/or a network attached storage (NAS) device? Do you wonder when you'll run out of space as your data is constantly growing? DriveTracker can help you track drive usage over time and it allows you to calculate expected

Not all web development tools have the option to add Google Analytics tracking code to the generated HTML files (e.g. iWeb). With my tool, you can select files and then process them by adding a code snippet in front of the "head" tag to enable Google