Applications by Redswarm

Performance Optimization is coming. Strike Desk is a new, addictive game. Your Objective? Knock stationery items down using hoops. Although, this isn’t as easy as it may sound! With obstacles and limited hoops you really have to use your sk

Rockets is a fun, addictive game. The aim is to set as many rockets into a orbit as possible, making sure they don’t collide and remember the more rockets you put in, the harder it gets. The game launches full screen, showing the stunning ne

Tornado is a time based, fun game. You play as a rampaging Tornado ripping its way through the once-peaceful countryside. Your aim is to destroy anything and everything that ends up in your path. The more you collect the bigger the Tornado becomes,

Atom is a simple, yet amazingly fun game. The beautiful graphics make this game a adrenaline rush as you try to set the electrons into their orbits without colliding with other electrons. This game is perfect for when your in a hurry! Features -

Throw your TNT, to make the barrel blast off! Use your mouse to guide the bombs into place, beware though! You only have 5 seconds to do it. Get your bomb near the barrel before it explodes! The barrel will go flying, your aim is to get your barrel 1

Pomodorino is a crazy and wacky game! Play as a falling fruit as you drop through the air, past the clouds. Bounce on the clouds and collect things to gain points. At the end, try to get the fruit, Isaac Newton style! This small, time-consuming g