Applications by Reddy-Logic-Games

Word Pyramid "Build Your vocabulary by building this pyramid of words. Test Your skills by playing the puzzle of words and learn the meanings with explanation to each word at the end. Improve Your highscores by playing it more and more....." HOW TO

Dive in a world of fun with this free addictive game! You have a meaning of word, you have to guess the word. Simple as that! IT`S ALL ABOUT WINNING! Get rich by winning coins at each correct answer. You have 10000 levels to keep you busy. Do you

A game to check Your vocabulary in an engaging way. Play with all five lettered words in the dictionary to keep Yourself busy for hours. This wonderful app that teaches You many new words. HOW TO PLAY: The first letter of a four/five letter WORD wi

Tile path is memory game. How to play. App will generate path for 4 seconds. You have to remember the path and reach the destination in path. If you tap on correct tile colour will change to green. If you tap on wrong tile colour will change t

Word magic is back! That too in a new form!! Test Your vocabulary skills by playing this game of Words. Check how many four/five-lettered words You mastered till now!!! How to play: 1. Get the first letter of a four/five-letter word. 2. Start formin