Applications by Rbcafe


The ECM format allows you to reduce the size of a typical CD image file (BIN, CDI, NRG, CCD, or any other format that uses raw sectors; results may vary). ECM works by eliminating the Error Correction/Detection Codes (ECC/EDC) from each sector whenev

Worktime is a stopwatch application which allows you to calculate the time charged for your achievements and work. Moreover Worktime is a simple stopwatch software and a complete time tracking tool. Features: - Import and backup of your time data t

Voice converts texts to audio files easily. Write your text, click export. You'll obtain an audio file of your writings. Write and let your computer read for you. Localized audio examples on Features of Voice : - Your

Wedding planner helps you prepare your wedding with ease. Record your activities, your contacts, plan your budget easily. Store your ideas, your notes, your links. Wedding Planner. Each of the 13 Preparations Categories has its own page, where plann


Zen helps you to focus on your writing... 1) It's writing only. 2) It's full screen. 3) It's Zen.

Inventory Pro, your software to identify, classify and list your items. With Inventory Pro, you list your purchases, objects and furniture. You can also customize your locations, insurance, everything. Assign files and documents to your objects. Pri

Tracking is the all-in-one tool to analyze the application launches, the system changes inside your computer. Tracking also analyzes your volumes to give you a reliable indication of the hours of mouting, unmounting, renaming of your volumes. Applic

Time up is your countdown timer. - Fine tune your times, activity and start. - Manage your times, export import to CSV - Select differents alarms : Voice, Sound, Visual, Flash.

Cryptext helps you to secure your writings and notes easily. Cryptext uses AES algorithm to protect the content of your texts. Features : - AES encryption & decryption of your texts. - Choice of two AES methods for encryption and decryption. - Pass

Hash is your utility to validate the checksum of your file. With "Hash" you calculate the hash of a file and check the integrity of your file. Hash supports the following algorithms : Adler32 - CRC16 - CRC32 - DSS1 - MD4 - MD5 - MDC2 - RMD160 - S

Yang is yet another Nikto GUI; Software for analyzing and securing your servers. Yang establishes diagnostics on : - HTTP and SSL elements. - Flaws in your server components. - Dangerous files/CGIs. - Leaked scripts. - Outdated server software and

Cryptix is a complete solution to study cryptography, encodings and ciphers. Hide your datas, encrypt your texts and documents. Cryptix contains password generators, Mnemonic, .htpasswd generator, RSA 512 bits key generator, Wordlist generator and n

Encrypt your files with Crypt. Crypt will encrypt your files by drag and drop or classic open. Write a password and select a filename for export. Your file is now encrypted. Features of Crypt : - Crypt Passwords are stored inside Keychains. - R