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This is an IPv4 subnet calculator Ip Calculator v4 is a useful tool for IT engineers or network administrators. In addition you can send your calculation results via email. 

- Realtime subnet-mask and result update. -


This application is a GUI front-end for DIG program - "DNS lookup utility". Application is designed only for public name servers. In addition you can send emails with query results and access major free DNS resolvers. dig (domain information groper

1. Collect crystals 2. Avoid red crystals 3. Be fast and precise 4. Find your way Be Arcadian! VIDEO:

Is it raining outside right now? Is it faraway? This is very easy and convenient way to access latest Canadian radar data. Download Canadian doppler radar images. Animation mode is supported. You can save and print latest images.

BitByte converter is a useful tool for IT engineers or network administrators. Now it is easy to convert and compare basic data units. Finally you can send your results via email and clipboard. Convert: Bits Bytes Kilobits Kilobytes Megabits Megaby

Step on gas and outrun your competitors. Win each race in order to be able to advance in the championship. Complete 3 racing modes - circuit, knockout and time attack. The ‘Circuit racing’ implies a large number of competitors racing in c


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NOTE: An Internet connection is required to use CanadianAvio. This app cannot and should not be used for in-flight navigation; it is for reference only! This is application for accessing aviation weather data in Canada. Essentially, this is the app

CanadianSatWeather is application for accessing GOES satellite weather data. Data is provided by Environment Canada. Program is designed for OSX so full screen mode is enabled. From main menu you can easily save images to your local storage. Also, we