Applications by PrettyFunction

Learn how to represent numbers in different bases or numeral systems. Given the number 1024 in decimal, what is it in hexadecimal or in octal or in binary or in base-64 or in any other base you can think of? With RadixJam you can learn all about how


ML is a powerful programmable calculator. With ML you can: - Write simple programs to compute arithmetic expressions or expressions involving row, column, and matrix vectors. - Format expressions in MathML, and paste them into web pages; and - S


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With Lexical you can: - Harvest English words from websites; - Use the words in the built-in dictionary; - Save words in lists and recall them later; - Look up words quickly in the dictionary; and - Hear the individual words or an entire list of wo

SpeakTextMultiVoice can speak your text in multiple voices. You can change the voice of the speaker anywhere in your text. It comes with a powerful text editor, with an easy-to-use context-sensitive menu which allows you, among other things, to inser

LettersJam was inspired by the SBS TV's Letters and Numbers Quiz Show (in Australia), in which two contestants try to find the longest word possible from nine randomly chosen letters consisting of a predetermined number of consonants and vowels. As