Applications by PoseMotion


Joi enables you to play games that do not have gamepad or joystick support. Such as online games or even desktop games. Just plug-in your gamepad/joystick via usb and then start Joi. It's as easy as mapping the keyboard keys that are supported by the

Sprite Monkey is the smallest and fastest sprite editor without sacrificing features! Quickly edit your sprite sheet/strip, aka "texture atlas", in a simple uncluttered user interface. Easily create sprite coordinate scripts in the "no plugin" script

Sprite Monkey Junior is the “little brother” of Sprite Monkey. It’s actually v1.x of Sprite Monkey with the addition of the same script editor found in Sprite Monkey v2. Other minor features/enhancements were also added. Sprite Monk

Macrotune is a Music Macro Language (MML) editor. Easily create "retro" style music for an app, game or just for fun! Features: • Four MML editors with syntax coloring for each channel. • Each channel has its own start/default options. Th

Cafio is the fastest way to convert your audio files* into the Core Audio Format (*.caf). This is a great format for both OS X and iOS developers to quickly get the job done, whether you're creating an application or game. The user interface was mad

LumaTone is a small free utility to apply a color scheme to images based on the luma value of each pixel. Its simple design is as easy as selecting an output folder, choose or create a color scheme, and dragging your image(s) onto the window. It also