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Holidays for countries: D-A-CH-US-FR-ES-CN-UK-PL-CZ. Send it per email as .iCal file to your PC or Mac. Use: - When Holidays is displayed, select country and Year. - If wanted send selected holidays-data as .iCal to yourself per eMail. - Receive

The 'Internet Radio' plays internet radio stations. There are over 5.000 radio stations the edited monthly editorial. If you can not find your favorite radio station, write to Pocketkai, it will try to add channels. Features: - Hand-picked, working

With this app you have clear weather all weather conditions and in different colors and tiles View. You can store and display up to 7 cities. Features: - 7 cities save and show - Complete, accurate weather data - Ice warning (for example for your c

With Podcast TV get Video Streams of popular TV broadcasts on your Mac. For that the Videos in MP4-Format are not downloaded, but promptly online streamed. A list with more than 70 English Podcasts (thats are >5.000 single Broadcasts) is already avai

Description Everyone knows the famous card-laying game. Through trial and error and a note must turn over two cards of the same. This trains the mind. Features: - 6 different topics (plants, structures, animals, dogs, coffee, mix) - 40 cards (eac

Use this program for a romantic evening, to relax, sleep or entertainment. It shows four videos in full HD: fireplace, waterfall, clouds, sand dunes. It is perfectly suited to it in full screen or on a full HD TV playback. To save yourself a DVD. Fe

The program describes 42 coffee preparations from all over the world. With the help of the ingredients and the description can you do the preparations easy by yourself and enjoy. 42 Coffee Preparations: Arabian Mocca, Café à l'Orange

With the Online Note can you write 5 notes of every kind. The most important function thereby is the calling of the notes from every internet device (iPhone, iPod Touch, Pocket PC, Smartphone, Handy, Netbook, Netpad, MID, UMPC, PC, Mac...). The data

The program shows you videos of aquariums and fishes in HD quality. These are played online (streaming) and thus saves your disk space. In the course of time come to more videos. In App Purchase: - New Full HD Videos, better Video Quality - Riff

Der Hundertjährige Kalender ist ein aus niedergeschriebenen Beobachtungen des Wetters zusammengestelltes Werk aus den Jahren 1652 bis 1658. In dieser Zeit beobachtete der Abt Mauritius Knauer tagtäglich das Wetter und schrieb es nieder. Der

Schulferien von Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz, Holland, Frankreich, Liechtenstein und Belgien für das aktuelle Jahr + das nächste Jahr. Alle Bundesländer. Auswahl Jahr, Land, Bundesland. Aktuell: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012,

The 'New Internet Radio' plays internet radio stations. There are over 14.000 radio stations the edited monthly editorial. If you can not find your favorite radio station, write to Pocketkai, it will try to add channels. New: Artist + Title + Cover

Relax with beautiful videos, ocean waves and music or original sound. Nature, Sea, Aquarium, Relax, Fire, Chill - Everything included. Use it for a romantic evening, for example, with a beautiful fireplace video, in a waiting room or for example to s

Das Programm enthält eine Liste von den bekanntesten Heilkräutern aus der Natur mit Bild und ausführlichen Detail-Informationen. Die Inhalte wurde aufwendig recherchiert und in eine Datenbank zusammengetragen. Dabei stand eine Apotheke

Sie haben eine Fritzbox Fon? Dann rufen Sie mit dieser Lösung Ihre Anrufliste weltweit, von unterwegs ab. Neu: - 2 Fritzboxen verwalten und abrufen Allgemein: - Verbinden Sie mit dem Internet. - Alle Inhalte können nur Online angezeigt

Create small notes in different colors and view photos on the wall. Features: - Mac: 35 possible notes (5x7) - 6 different note colors - 6 different backgrounds - Create text or photos - Delete text or photo removed > remove a note - New: iCl