Applications by Pocket-Mariner-Ltd

Boat Watch

10 days ago

Ever wanted to know more about boats and ships around the world? Boat Watch lets you spot boats and ships and follow them on a real-time map... Boat Watch is a free app, which offers... * Spot any Boat or Ship via real-time AIS * Watch boat posi

SeaNav US

10 days ago

Explore and plan your boating trips on your Mac, then export your route to your iPhone for navigation while at sea - or plug in a GPS unit, and navigate with your laptop and our hi-res vector charts. SeaNav for Mac has the latest NOAA ENC Digital Ve

Now you really can sit at your desk and watch the world sail by! Boat Watch Pro offers a real-time view of boats and ships around the world, overlaid on a map or satellite view. Tap any boat's icon to see a pop-up with full vessel details - includi

SeaNav UK

16 days ago

Explore, Plan and Navigate your boating trips in real time and outstanding high-resolution with the latest Digital Vector Marine charts derived from UKHO data covering the whole of the UK and Ireland. - Includes UK and Ireland Charts - Buoys, lights