Applications by Plum-Amazing-Software-LLC

PixelStick is a tool for measuring distances, angles and colors on the screen. PhotoShop has distance, angle and color tools but they only work in PhotoShop. PixelStick works in any app and anywhere on screen anytime and costs a hundred times less.

TinyAlarm is simple, comprehensive and has: * multiple alarms all conveniently located in your menubar * alarms of secs. mins. or years * "Take 5" a break or pomodoro timer to maintain good health and improve work focus. * 4 kinds of sounds for alert

TinyCal is a menubar calendar with Google Calendar integration. It can show multiple months, use custom calendars, and show holidays and personal calendars. Simple, easy to use and unobtrusive TinyCal has many useful features. Features - Personal G

iKey allows creation of shortcuts that perform an action or sequence of actions each of which can be launched by key combinations or menu or event. This easy to use macro/automation utility can save time, typing and hundreds of clicks everyday. Do le